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Fleeting Pistons Auto Service provides best quality auto repair and maintenance at affordable price in Surrey. Our certified mechanics have earned trust from customers over 20 years of experience and resolved a variety of mechanical and electrical issues for all makes of cars.

We Have You Covered

Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection or auto repair, we promise that you will be fully satisfied with our work. For your safety we only use parts from reputable brands and provides 1-year warranties with our services and parts for your peace of mind. 

Our philosophies

-Always treat customers as real friends so they could rely on us and stay care-free while we could stay in business, survive and grow

-Maintenance is always cheaper than auto repair. Listen to customers’ needs, give professional advice, perform quality service only when needed. If we save them money, they will come back

-Never forget the passion that brings us to the industry: we love to work on cars and help people in Surrey community


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Fleeting Pistons Auto Service

14815 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC V3R 3N7, Canada

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